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Pio of Pietrelcina bore the stigmata for more than fifty years. Since Padre Pio lived during the 20th century, his stigmata were studied under the scrutiny of contemporary medicine. No one has been able to find a natural cause for his wounds. Feast: April 29 St.

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Catherine of Siena received the stigmata in After receiving Communion at the Church of St. Christina, red rays shot out from the crucifix and pierced her.


Feast: October 5 The Polish nun St. Faustina Kowalska is best known for receiving the image of Divine Mercy and giving us the prayer from Jesus known as the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. As a sign of her union with God, she also received the invisible stigmata—one among many graces from God.

Mystical Stigmata

Feast: May 22 St. Rita of Cascia received the stigmata five years before the end of her extraordinary life. After she was widowed and lost both her sons, she entered the monastery of St. Mary Magdalene at Cascia, where she received the stigmata in the form of the wounds from the Crown of Thorns.

View the discussion thread. These five saints are among the handful of the faithful who have received the stigmata: 1. Francis of Assisi Feast: October 4 St. Peace and quiet hung heavy in the mountain air filling the huge spaces with indescribable serenity and calm. C hirpings of birds, muted and subdued, coming as if from far off and the monotonous drone of myriad flying insects were sounds to accentuate the silence of the place. They adorned but did not disturb it. Already the clear lines of morning were fading and merging into the heat of midday. High up, a blazing sun seared the massive garganic granite, sending all creatures hurrying to the cool oasis of shuttered rooms.

O nly a few old folk long accustomed to this midday furnace moved slowly about, entering the small church to say their devotions, then emerging and making their way across to the ancient yew-tree dominating the middle of the piazza to rest silently in its shadow. A day like other September days with little hint that it could be any different from those which had preceded it or from those which must assuredly follow it. F or the young priest, however, just then kneeling in the chapel of the church, this morning was to be very different, a fateful morning like no other, containing within it a destiny, a summons whose imperious and exalted demands he would attempt to fulfill to the end.

Here inside the church the silence was very great. Not a sound penetrated the thick walls from outside as P. Pio, oblivious to everything except the memory of his recent Mass, slowly prostrated in loving adoration before the outspread, bloodied figure on the crucifix. W ith that marvelous facility possessed by the mystics by which all external objects are abandoned he withdrew into himself, his spirit yielding to the peacefulness which invaded his whole being, a peacefulness, he later wrote, "similar to a sweet sleep".

Is stigmata real?

In this absolute silence he prayed, mind and heart totally wrapped in the burning love which consumed him like some incurable fever. A sweet calm heralding the forthcoming storm.

W hat happened next can best be told in the simple, unadorned words of P. Pio writing to P. Benedetto little more than a month afterwards: "It all happened in a flash. While all this was taking place, I saw before me a mysterious Person, similar to the one I had seen on August 5th, differing only because His hands, feet and side were dripping blood.

The sight of Him frightened me: what I felt at that moment is indescribable. The Person disappeared and I became aware that my hands, feet and side were pierced and were dripping with blood" Ep.


Pio had just received the visible stigmata. There was nobody about.

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Silence settled once more round the brown robed figure now lying huddled on the floor. A long Calvary had just begun and with it the answer to a prayer: the prayer of his profound desire to identify with Christ crucified not only by participation in the priestly apostolate but in some mysterious way in that supreme immolation of Our Lord on Calvary cf.

The Stigmatist

Le Stimmate di P. Pio , G. H e had not desired this physical conformity and when he had recovered somewhat from the immediate experience his embarrassment was extreme: "I am dying of pain because of the wound and because of the resulting embarrassment which I feel deep within my soul. Will Jesus who is so good grant me this grace? Will he at least relieve me of the embarrassment which these outward signs cause me" Ep. Not the wound, not the pain did he wish removed but only the visible signs which at the time he considered to be an indescribable and almost unbearable humiliation.

L ater, much later, however, he would come to love and cherish these divine marks of predilection, drawing from them that rich source of superhuman energy which from then on marked his apostolate of love and suffering. With Catherine of Siena he could truly say: "My wounds not only do not afflict my body, but they sustain and fortify it.

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  8. I feel that what formerly depressed me, now invigorates me. F or the next fifty years they would confound impartial science; their continuous and profuse effusion of blood, accompanied often by the sweetest fragrance, came to be regarded as a prolonged miracle, because, as the experts correctly state, blood for its production requires nourishment while this friar's extraordinary frugality was such as hardly to maintain the life of a small child.

    T he remarkable nature of this miraculous gift becomes more apparent when it is considered how such loss of blood was simply inconsonant with and disproportionate to the stamina and energy with which P.

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    6. Pio with ever greater activity and zeal conducted his life in all matters relating to the service of God.