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Summary Less expensive, lighter, and smaller than its electromechanical counterparts, power electronics lie at the very heart of controlling and converting electric energy, which in turn lies at the heart of making that energy useful. From household appliances to space-faring vehicles, the applications of power electronics are virtually limitless. Until now, however, the same could not be said for access to up-to-date reference books devoted to power electronics. Written by engineers for engineers, The Power Electronics Handbook covers the full range of relevant topics, from basic principles to cutting-edge applications.

Compiled from contributions by an international panel of experts and full of illustrations, this is not a theoretical tome, but a practical and enlightening presentation of the usefulness and variety of technologies that encompass the field.

For modern and emerging applications, power electronic devices and systems must be small, efficient, lightweight, controllable, reliable, and economical. The Power Electronics Handbook is your key to understanding those devices, incorporating them into controllable circuits, and implementing those systems into applications from virtually every area of electrical engineering.

Reviews "This good resource includes individual authors who have familiar names and good reputations in the industry. This selection of topics is excellent with regard to devices and applications. Wilamowski Chow Dixon Espinoza Ron Hui and Henry S. Chung Chattopadhyay Rashid Syed J.


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Asghar Fernando Silva Lai Marcos Alonso Mark Nelms The presentation is tutorial in nature in order to enhance the value of the book to the reader and foster a clear understanding of the material. The second electronics revolution began with the development of a commercial thyristor by the General Electric Company in That was the beginning of a new era of power electronics.

Since then, many different types of power semiconductor devices and conversion techniques have been introduced.

The demand for energy, particularly in electrical forms, is ever-increasing in order to improve the standard of living. Power electronics has already found an important place in modern technology and has revolutionized control of power and energy. As the voltage and current ratings and switching characteristics of power semiconductor devices keep improv- ing, the range of applications continues to expand in areas such as lamp controls, power supplies to motion control, factory automation, transportation, energy storage, multi-megawatt industrial drives, and electric power transmission and dis- tribution.

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  • In order to keep up, working engi- neers involved in control and conversion of power and energy into applications ranging from several hundred voltages at a fraction of an ampere for display devices to about 10,V at high-voltage dc transmission, should have a working knowledge of power electronics.