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When All Is Said and Prayed (Book 1 of the Forever Divas Series) – E.N. Joy Writes

View the Series. Trim Size: 7" x 7" Page Count: Related Resources Quick View. Quick View. Brian has some choices to make when he graduates from high school. One path will lead him to college in Alabama with his friend, Adam. I enjoyed this book about Brian and Jamie.

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My heart broke more than a few times over the course of this novel, and the cliff-hanger left me wanting to pick up the next installment immediately to continue the journey with Jamie and Brian. On the one hand, I think the move to turn this series into a YA read was a good one. Essentially, this is a coming of age story, and there are many young adults who would no doubt benefit from and find themselves in the story about these two boys.

I did not miss anything that was removed to make it appropriate for a YA audience. I do think the biggest problem I had with this story, though, may stem in large part from the adaptation of this book. First of all, this story is largely told from the point of view of Brian, and Jamie is gone for a good portion of it.

Secondly, the voice felt all wrong to me. Barnaby tends to be quite loquacious. Everything is described in quite vivid detail — all things that are said and done fill up pages upon pages. It is, in fact, tipping pages, which is quite long for one installment of an ongoing YA series.

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It was quite wordy and also sounded very adult in that wording. There was a lot of introspection that seems to only come from wisdom and experience. And what happened to the carefree nature of youth? I know these poor boys were going through a lot, but the angst and the drama shut down any of that joy that one would feel at such a critical age.

They truly deserve it. Aug 31, Jamie Deacon rated it liked it. Based on the award-winning Little Boy Lost series by J. Barnaby and adapted for a young adult audience, Choices tells the ill-fated love story of two high school seniors. Yet, this is far more than a romance novel. Rather, the author touches upon so many issues besides the love between the heroes, from bullying and homophobia, to religion and family, resulting in a book that is both complex and thought-provoking.

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Brian McAllister and Jamie Mayfield have been inseparable since early childhood, and so the transition from friends to lovers should be the simplest thing in the world. However, growing up in the sleepy backwater of Crayford, Alabama, where the majority of residents hold a zero tolerance attitude towards homosexuality, their journey is far from easy.

Then their luck runs out, and long before either is prepared for it, their secret is exposed. Now that his sexuality is common knowledge, there is no avoiding the prejudice and bullying that comes at him from all directions, and confronting the hatred without Jamie by his side requires a courage Brian never knew he possessed. All through the challenging, often dark days of his final year of high school, only one thing keeps him going—the determination to track down his lover so that he and Jamie can be together again.

What I enjoyed most about this novel, even more than the love story itself, was its portrayal of two such opposing views of Christianity towards homosexuality. Alternately hard-hitting and tender, this is a solid opening to the Waiting for Forever series. Dec 06, Clare O'Beara rated it really liked it Shelves: america-fiction , romance-m , young-adult. Brian is fostered and Jamie's middle class, but they're good friends.

You Promised Me Forever

Aged seventeen however Brian fears that the Baptist preacher is correct, and everyone will hate him, and he will be damned. It's not his fault that he fancies Jamie, and he's terrified of ruining their friendship. One teacher is a gay man but school is not a supportive place. Jamie has similar feelings for Brian and is also confused.

Neither of them wants to be gay, but hidden in a tree-house, at least they can talk. The less w Brian is fostered and Jamie's middle class, but they're good friends. The less well-off Brian isn't popular with girls. The boys in school come out with lazy, negative comments regarding gay guys. Then there's Brian's foster parents to consider. Jamie Mayfield's deceptively easy to read, getting us into the mind of young Brian. Forget worrying about being popular; he's worried about losing the guy he loves and being beaten up or driven out of town.

I thought one of the better characters was Richard, Brian's foster father, who as an emergency room doctor treats the lad like any person should be treated, and is strongly supportive of him. One sued his school for discriminating against him while others organised an LGBT support group. Nov 30, Curtis rated it liked it Shelves: zz-chmm-scavenger-hunt , read-in , fiction , lgbt , mm-romance , reviewed , romance , young-adult.

Brian McAllister knows that he's unlikely to find acceptance for his sexuality living in a small community in Alabama. He's heard the comments people make at school. He's sat through the sermons in church. So he's never told anyone--the last thing he would need would be to lose his best friend or to have his foster parents send him away.

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So when his best friend, Jamie Mayfield, confronts him when he's acting strange and said confrontation ends in a kiss, Brian thinks it's all over. To his surpri Brian McAllister knows that he's unlikely to find acceptance for his sexuality living in a small community in Alabama. To his surprise, however, Jamie lets Brian know he feels the same way. The two embark on a clandestine relationship, but in a small town secrets can only stay hidden for so long.

And once they're found out, it's hard to make them ever go away. For being one of those "growing up gay in a conservative town of bigot stories," this one was actually on the easy end of the reading scale. The angst level isn't through the roof, and the supportive characters are written in a believable and understanding way.

I tackled this one fairly quickly because it kept my attention and I never ended up putting it down until I was done.