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In addition, you'll learn how to address the specific features made available through Apple's iOS, especially with regard to designing Web-based touch-screen interfaces. Pro iOS Web Design and Development will help you deliver rich mobile user experiences without compromise by optimizing your sites for WebKit and Safari, the de facto standard for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Beginning iOS 5 Development. There's coverage of brand new technologies, with chapters on storyboards and iCloud, for example, as well as significant updates to existing chapters to bring them in line with all the changes that came with the iOS 5 SDK. You'll have everything you need to create your very own apps for the latest iOS devices, including the iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and the latest iPod touch.

iPad: The Missing Manual

Every single sample program in the book has been rebuilt from scratch using Xcode 4. Assuming only a minimal working knowledge of Objective-C, and written in a friendly, easy-to-follow style, Beginning iOS 5 Development offers a complete soup-to-nuts course in iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch programming. The book starts with the basics, walking through the process of downloading and installing Xcode and the iOS 5 SDK, and then guides you though the creation of your first simple application.

Basic Sensors in iOS. What really sets the iPhone apart from laptops and PCs is its use of onboard sensors, including those that are location-enabled. This concise book takes experienced iPhone and Mac developers on a detailed tour of iPhone and iPad hardware by explaining how these sensors work, and what they're capable of doing. With this book, you'll build sample applications for each sensor, and learn hands-on how to take advantage of the data each sensor produces.

You'll gain valuable experience that you can immediately put to work inside your own iOS applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. This Mini Missing Manual takes you down the virtual rows of Apple's iBookstore, to help you find, buy, and download books and subscribe to magazine and newspapers on your iPad. You'll learn now to navigate your books and periodicals and sync them back to iTunes to swap them on and off your iPad to free up storage space. In addition, you'll find Motorola Xoom is the first tablet to rival the iPad, and no wonder with all of the great features packed into this device.

But learning how to use everything can be tricky—and Xoom doesn't come with a printed guide. That's where this Missing Manual comes in. Gadget expert Preston Gralla helps you master your Xoom with step-by-step instructions and Motorola Xoom is the first tablet to rival the iPad, and no wonder with all of the great features You will also unlock hidden secrets on your Kindle, such as how to download free eBooks, surf the web, and read news for free.

An accessible guide to using a Mac or transitioning from Windows to Mac This book helps new-to-Mac users get more comfortable with their computers. Switching to a Mac Pocket Genius guides readers in learning more about their computers, including becoming familiar with the interface, performing routine tasks, and moving data. The author wants to Get savvy advice and hip tips on using Apple TV The Portable Genius series is all about getting the most from your Apple-inspired digital lifestyle and the popular and inexpensive Apple TV is no exception.

Spark your interest in Kindle Fire HDX and start burning through books, movies, music, and more with this bestselling guide! With its new, more powerful Android operating system, this latest version has some exciting bells and whistles along with the features that have made the Fire a tablet fan Spark your interest in Kindle Fire HDX and start burning through books, movies, music, and more with The essential beginner's guide to the UK's most popular new tablet Hudl For Dummies is the indispensible guide to Tesco's highly successful Android tablet.

Enter the iPad.

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With its glorious, high-resolution color touchscreen, the iPad takes the eBook experience to a new level. Instead of the blotchy grayscale images typical of electronic magazines, you see the bold, bright, original layouts of newsstand magazines. And the books themselves have evolved into interactive creations, with built-in dictionaries, searchable text, hyperlinked footnotes, and embedded bookmarks that make the whole reading process more efficient and engaging.

So flip this page to see how much fun you can have reading books in the 21st century on the iPad.

iBooks and ePeriodicals on the iPad: The Mini Missing Manual [Book]

You have your choice of how to get there. Then tap the Install App button. Once you download it, you need to sync your iPad with iTunes to install it. You can only get the iBooks app in iTunes— the iBookstore itself is only available by way of the tablet for now.

Once you have iBooks installed, tap its icon on the iPad home screen to launch it and see what electronic books look like on an iPad. Find it on your Home screen and tap it open.

  • The Last of His Mind: A Year in the Shadow of Alzheimers.
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  • Revolutions Shore (The Highroad Trilogy)?
  • By J.D. Biersdorfer?
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  • The Missing Manual?
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You see a virtual rendition of a handsome wooden bookshelf. This is where all your downloaded book purchases eventually come to live.

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Surely you remember the story? Apple has thoughtfully included this free title so you can see an iBook for yourself before you go tapping off to buy books of your own choosing. Just tap the cover to open the book. Turn the page to find out what happens next. Compared to music and video files, most books are rather small—about 2 megabytes per title.

Pen-based computers

But like those other iStores, browsing and searching works pretty much the same way. The main storefront displays new and notable titles and spotlighted genres. Buttons at the bottom of every Store screen let you log in or out of your Apple account, redeem iTunes gift cards, or get technical support with an iBookstore problem. This button reveals the weekly rankings of books on the venerable New York Times Best Sellers list, which has been charting books since the author is an employee of the New York Times.

Tap here to see a list of your previous purchases. If you delete a purchased book, find it in the list here and tap the Redownload button. To search for a title or author, tap the Search box at the top of the Store screen. When the keyboard pops up, start typing in the title or name. A suggestions box appears to help complete your search.

Easy Introduction to iPad for Beginners in 30 Minutes

If Apple has titles that match your criteria, you see them listed. Tap the Cancel button to quit the search. You can also tap the price button to buy the book right away. Buy and Download a Book When you find a book you simply must have in your digital library, tap the price button next to the title.

This turns into a Buy Book button. A blue progress bar circled below creeps across the cover to indicate how much of the file has downloaded. Most books take just a couple minutes to arrive on the iPad, but this can vary with network congestion and other factors. It offers more than a hundred eBooks on its virtual shelves, absolutely free.

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Tap the Free Books link circled, below. All the free titles are listed here.

Tap a cover and get the description box to read the synopsis and find out what other people think of the book. Tap the Get Book button to download it; you can also get a sample, but the book itself is free, so just go for it. In fact, you may have read some of them in school or at least the Cliffs Notes guides.

You can also download Ulysses by James Joyce. True, you buy iBooks from the iBookstore on the iPad— but you back them up to your computer by syncing them with iTunes. Since your computer probably has more hard drive space than your iPad does, you can also use iTunes to sync books on and off the tablet as you need them. Turn on the checkbox next to Sync Books. Click Apply and then the Sync button to make it happen. You can sync audiobooks this way, too.