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Laddas ned direkt. Skickas inom vardagar. Days before the outbreak of World War II a handful of German commerce raiders put out to sea to prey on Allied merchantmen. Amongst them was the Panzerschiff 'armoured ship' Graf Spee, a formidable warship that boasted the firepower of a battleship but the size, speed and range of a cruiser.

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    Displaying 1 to 18 of New to Classification? Leipzig fired two flares, so Glasgow ceased fire. Casualties and damage were extremely disproportionate; the British suffered only very lightly. Admiral Spee and his two sons were among the German dead. Rescued German survivors, total, became prisoners on the British ships.

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    Scharnhorst was lost with all hands. One of Gneisenau ' s officers who lived had been the sole survivor on three different guns on the battered cruiser. He was pulled from the water saying he was a first cousin of the British commander Stoddart. After fighting a short battle , Dresden's captain evacuated his ship and scuttled her by detonating the main ammunition magazine.

    As a consequence of the battle, the German East Asia Squadron , Germany's only permanent overseas naval formation, effectively ceased to exist. Commerce raiding on the high seas by regular warships of the Kaiserliche Marine was brought to an end. However, Germany put several armed merchant vessels into service as commerce raiders until the end of the war for example, see Felix von Luckner. After the battle, German naval experts were baffled at why Admiral Spee attacked the base and how the two squadrons could have met so coincidentally in so many thousands miles of open waters.

    Kaiser William II 's handwritten note on the official report of the battle reads: "It remains a mystery what made Spee attack the Falkland Islands. See 'Mahan's Naval Strategy'. It was generally believed Spee was misled by the German admiralty into attacking the Falklands, a Royal Naval fuelling base, after receiving intelligence from the German wireless station at Valparaiso which reported the port free of Royal Navy warships.

    Despite the objection of three of his ships' captains, Spee proceeded to attack.

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    However, in a German naval officer, Franz von Rintelen , interviewed Admiral William Reginald Hall , Director of the Admiraltry's Naval Intelligence Division NID , and was informed that Spee's squadron had been lured towards the British battlecruisers by means of a fake signal sent in a German naval code broken by British cryptographers. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    This article is about the naval battle. For the war, see Falklands War.

    South Atlantic , near the Falkland Islands. Command of the Oceans — Atlantic U-boat campaign of World War I. This section needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Dictionary of Battles and Sieges.

    Strange The Falkland Islands.

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    Halpern Naval Institute Press. The London Gazette Supplement. British Official History — Naval Operations. London: H.

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    Stationery Office, vol. New York: Grove Press, p. Military Anecdotes p. Room London: Hamish Hamilton Ltd. World War I.