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Kicking K always sounded far more appealing to me than Curly, too, though I did get told off a few too many times for the occasional booting of people bugging me…. Two weeks ago I gave birth to another little boy and we had a name picked out right up until the moment I started laboring. My husband came across the name Aviv spring in Hebrew and we thought it fitting since he was born in the middle of a spring snowstorm in Minnesota. I chose the name Rohan and it fits him so well.

Rohan is an extremely common name in Indian culture — if he ever wants to be surrounded by people not thinking his name is uncommon, just head over there! My mom named her two daughters Sarah and Laura and says she thought they were original. Lo and behold, there were five other Lauras in my class! My daughter is Margot Anne. I feel like they are popping up everywhere now! We named our daughter Molly Jean both family names and it fits her perfectly.

I know the nicest Ginny. Do it!

American heirloom baby names : classic names to choose with pride

Best of all, it suits her. Nicknames on the other hand are difficult to predict. What is your reaction to each of those scenarios? What are your expectations of that person, justified or not? Then try it out with a more esoteric name…. I did from a couple of my choices. Cute as a child, not so great when applying for a mid-level administrative position. I also read a paper that measured the attainment and mental health disparity of women with ultra-feminine sounding names, vs. Those with the more androgynous names were wealthier and healthier.

The reverse was true for boys. I agree and love the scenario list.


Our kids have enough expectations on them see previous sentence! He liked George, I thought it was too grown-up sounding. We went with George and now I see that name as something that describes an adorable-ornery-lovebug 7 year old; and when I meet men named George I can now see their precocious sides before anything else. It no longer feels too grown up.

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I think names grow with people. In reference to your Zanzibar or Lion example, being someone who can be slightly shy in new social settings my name is actually quite helpful as its a good conversation starter. I am getting lots of inspiration. I am 38 weeks pregnant almost 39 with my first baby. My ba e is Kathryn, and I wish it was spelled the more traditional way. Oh, I love Bronwen! Good choice :.

We landed on Ciara instead, which we love for our 6 month old. My two week old son is called Finnian! It was barely on our shortlist but in the day-after-birth haze it became the top contender, and I love it.

The Most Popular Baby Names of (So Far) | A Cup of Jo

It suits our little Finn so well. I was born at 24 weeks, 41 years ago. Having been rushed by ambulance to the city my mum was in shock, a long way away from my brothers and dad who were on our farm. She needed to name me quickly in order to have me christened. The Dr told her he hated it, and to think of another name quickly. And that is how I was named.

We named our first son Magnus Louis Jonathan. Which he has turned out to be. Dear and good. Our second son is Fenton Royce Kalman. I was recently at a 40th birthday and one of the ladies had many wines and told me I had cursed my boys to failure by giving them such big names.

My lovely girlfriend sprang to their defence! We believe the names are perfect for our sweet boys — big strong names to grow with, supported by the legacy of men we love, but still perfect for them now at 11m and 2.

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  8. I got used to it and she seems pretty proud ;. It means poet in Hindi and Tamil and Malayalam and I hope he finds meaning and joy in words. Do you think I should just go with it? Or should I keep trying to clarify the correct pronunciation when the opportunity arises? Definitely correct them if you can, and find other non awkward words to rhyme with it so he can correct people himself when he needs, like at school.

    Your son has such a beautiful name — give him the tools to enjoy it. I think it might be an american preoccupation with names that makes it as if the worst thing a child could face is a mispronounciation problem.


    I went to english-speaking schools all my life and have lived a chunk of it in english-speaking countries, but have a decidedly spanish name and English is my 2nd language. Obviously, most non-romance language speakers it has variations in french and portuguese — ive learned have mispronounced it but it has never been such a terrible experience. Also, I hear you on the awkwardness of having to use "lovey" to help with pronunciation and it's not even a real word. I guess the other options are dove-y, glove-y and shove-y… None are ideal.

    We'll figure something out! Mispronunciation definitely isn't the worst thing in the world. And I'm grateful for your perspective about helping a person learn to speak up for themselves. Also, what a beautiful thought about choosing names even if they sound better on non-anglo speaking lips! Thank you. And my name means something lovable or beautiful, which is always grounding too :.

    I have a daughter named Tacy after a character from the Betsy-Tacy books. Betsy Tacy and Tib! Thank you for the beautiful reminder. I love reading all of these comments; names in general are so fascinating to me, naming babies was almost daunting! Basically I am still in love with their names 4 and 3 years later. Past faves have been Oscar and Eleanor Ella. My sister may name her new baby Eleanor and asked me if that was okay haha! Always had a hard time with girls names, although I love your list! I love love love this post and talking baby names.