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Not in Stock Description The scenic campus of the Washington state capitol is outwardly calm, but the Legislature is in session and no one better understands the turmoil that swirls beneath the surface than professional lobbyist Sandy Dalton. He served as Executive Director for Salmon for Washington, a trade group representing commercial fishermen and fish processing firms , Executive Director for the Washington Association of Conservation Districts, a professional association representing local governments assisting agricultural landowners , and Northwest Regional Director for American Farmland Trust, a national environmental organization protecting local farmland from development In the middle of a busy day, a powerful senator is found dead in his office with an antique Native American hunting knife in his chest.

The resulting tectonic shift in the political landscape turns the legislative world upside down. As motives, conflicting testimonies, and hints of behind-the-scenes blackmailing add up, Sandy embarks on a struggle to clear his name. It seems almost everyone in Olympia politics has a stake and almost anyone could be the killer.

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The coverage could not have been more cleverly designed to gin up public outrage. Commentators had picked it up and were adding fuel.

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But the origins were clear to anyone inclined to look. There were always one or two highly vocal elected officials who loved to pose as brave guardians of liberty standing up in the face of personal risk. By Tuesday, the actual absence of any such existential threat had apparently become irrelevant. Excellent book.

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A great mystery right to the very end. And the reader learns a lot about the intricacies of the legislative process. Loved it.

I loved it. I would give it a ten. The painting was dedicated and rehung at the statehouse on 5 December by Dean Dexter, in a ceremony with Governor John Lynch and members of the Keyes family.

Henry Wilder Keyes was born 23 May in Newbury, Vermont and died 19 June in Haverhill Vermont the two towns are across the river from each other. He was a farmer and banker from Haverhill, New Hampshire, where he was a selectman for 25 years.

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He was elected Governor from to , and served as US Senator from to three terms. He married Frances Parkinson Wheeler in , when he was a 42 year old bachelor.

They had three sons. Frances and Henry W. Keyes are buried together at the Oxbow Cemetery in Newbury, Vermont. Thank you to Dean Dexter for the photos and the newspaper links to this story!